Fitness Programs

Volume 1 - Beginner level

This 12 week strength training program will consist of an upper/lower body split. The main goal of this program is to increase your current one rep max on the three main lifts: Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. You will have 11 weeks of intense training then on the 12th week, you will test your maxes!


Volume 2 - Advanced Level

After hearing many great responses from the first strength program we made, we decided it was a must to make an even better, more in depth, and advanced program for our clientele. We took the feedback from our clients on how to improve this next program and took it to the next level!

Here are some key features in this program:

  • RPE Chart which suggests the recommended intensity for the lift, as well as an explanation of what RPE is and how to use it.
  • Optional 5th training day for additional movements/cardio.
  • A built in deload week so that you’re able to give your body a break for that week then continue making progress after that.
  • Core stability/mobility exercises.
  • Warm up exercises.


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